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Resilient To Change

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

So, every morning I go to the cafeteria to get my coffee because for some reason I’ve become some kind of avid coffee drinker and can't function unless I quench my thirst with a venti sized cup (notice I said venti sized, I can’t afford Starbucks everyday). However, this morning was different, as I stepped in the building with the cafe I noticed tons of clutter including chairs and tables that weren’t there before. Well the tables and chairs were the clutter but that is what it looked like to me, because it was in my way. Annoyed, I decided to walk around to the other side of the cafeteria to enter into the cafe. Granted it is not a far walk to the other side but me being a creature of habit I felt inconvenienced. I got my coffee and began to feel like my day would be amazing. I paid and without thinking twice walked out the same side I would have originally entered on. Only this time I saw a clear path to exit out the door. As I approached the path I stopped and said this path was here the entire time.

Ok, I know this was a short and simple story but it made me think about something. When we get so use to our daily routine and complacent actions we tend to close down our mind to new possibilities. When what looks like a catastrophe comes we are thrown off course and can not see a way out. It becomes our focus to find a way around the storm instead of fighting our way through it, which ultimately increases our strength. Many may think the work around is easy but if it is meant for you to go through, you will face it one way or another. The point of the story is just because we can’t see a path or a way out in front of us does not mean it is not there. If I would have taken a few more steps instead of seeing what seemed to be in my way I would have noticed the path was there, I just had to keep moving forward.

In order to get the most out of all of our experiences both what seems good and bad; we have to shift our mindset. We can’t think that everything that happens is punishment, or meant to leave us feeling victimized. Everything that happens happens for our greater good. Do not be resistant to change be resilient to what’s to come.

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