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Mountains Come in Many Forms

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I was getting off the freeway, which is normally two turning lanes that turn left, but also has a merging lane from the right where drivers can merge over and turn left. However, there is now only one lane because for some reason construction is always done at the most inconvenient times. At any rate for the past few weeks, in order for the traffic to get over to the merging lane to make their left turn they have used the median instead of sitting in the god forsaken right lane. For some reason today some compact car driving, probably Starbucks drinking, no shade hippie decides he/she wants to police the median and sit there blocking both the right lane and the median so no one could pass.

Drivers that drive this route every morning have so gratefully found a way to not only get where they are going faster but also speed up the process for everyone else. People were honking as he was swerving his car left and right leaving the most positive minded person provoked and ready to engage in road rage. In my mind although, I was not one of the people wanting to pass, as I was fortunate to be in long line of people waiting for their turn to get off the freeway, I really was eager to know why this man was blocking an opportunity for these commuters? What in him or her so earrrrrly in the morning wanted to be a road advocate when these people weren’t causing any harm. Fair enough the median is not a lane but the construction workers them selves created a pass in the grass to help ease to the merging lane so why?, why? Was this (Lord hold my tongue) in the way? At the very moment I felt slight rage and sorry for the folks just trying to get over, I thought of something. This man/or woman is the mountain.

We all know the mountain, that annoying roadblock that keeps coming up and provoking us and trying to stay in our way so we can’t move forward. The mountain that seems so tall we lose a little confidence trying to climb. Forget going around it or through it, we have to overcome our fear and take it head on. This was that person. This little car made me realize that mountain eventually has to move, as traffic was moving and people were easing off the freeway, he/she had to get back in line. I thought of that as I saw fearless drivers finally passing the car just daring him to hit them.

I said all of this to not only talk about the mountain that gets in our way when we are just trying to be on our way, but to draw attention to confidence and if we don’t have the confidence we will very well miss the lesson. Today be confident. Remember even mountains serve you. Once you have defeated what has challenged you, you have added another set of accomplishments to your resume of life and experiences. There is an immense amount of growth in every situation. It is possible the car blocking the drivers on the median was teaching them patience or saying no wait it isn't time. Or he could have just been stopping them from getting to their next destination. Either way have faith just knowing its only a temporary road block.

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