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It's Your Season, Trust the Process

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I want you to pay close attention to every aspect of your life right now. You might be in a season of transition but believe me everything that transpires is working together for your greater good. During the transitioning season you will be tested, people will come in your life that are toxic but it will never appear that way. People that you thought were all in and ready to support you will slowly disappear, and things that you thought you would have will start rejecting you.

If you are not in the right mindset you WILL miss the lesson in the season. However, if you are in the midst of a paradigm shift, you will start realizing that you are being positioned for increase.

Today, I was supposed to do a business brand coaching session for a friend that could not attend, due to a scheduling conflict. When she asked me to step in I was a little hesitant and almost asked another associate to step in, but there was a little voice that said, no you are doing this, why not you? I've been wanting to coach and help mentor women for a long time. I prepared for the session even got there 30 minutes early to set up, only for the group that supports the coaching program to call the client and find out she thought the session was next week. I left the conference room un-bothered and thankful for the opportunity. It made me realize this:

Sometimes we are tested just to see if we will step out of our comfort zone. If I would have declined the opportunity I would have been telling myself be fearful forever, I will never be ready, you're not a worthy influence, and I don't trust God to see bigger for me. The thing is, I am transitioning from a waiting season into my winning season. I see the signs. I can tell when God is measuring my faith and when I'm being pushed into bigger positions. The plot twist is, so often what God has for us is bigger than we thought we'd have; which is why its important for God to see how you handle the curve balls. You ready or nah? Will you be bold, and ready to take on challenges sent to prepare you, or will you choke?

Today, I walked out the building smiling telling God I'm ready because I know that opportunities and doors are only getting bigger. I think I passed that test, and no I don't need to be glorified for that but the shift in my attitude amazes me. It's been a beautiful transformation so far. I look forward to being completely mind blown at what is exceedingly and abundantly being conditioned for me.

One last thing I've noticed, is that when you are transitioning out of the waiting/listening season, people will come out of no where ready and willing to help you. Take them for what they are, present help!

I hope today you can look at whatever situation you are in, and get the glory out of it. Recognize the changes occurring within yourself during this season and prepare in faith for promotion. Although we may not be able to see whats going on, know that alignment is happening and your steps are being ordered. Just trust the process.

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