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Even Adversity Has a Purpose

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

I know we would like to believe that purpose is seamlessly driven, and that it happens because we were created for it which also implies it should be easy. We would like to believe that we should not have any afflictions, adversity or roadblocks, but the truth is, that's a lie.

When that light bulb finally goes off, or that excitement stirs so heavy in your spirit from discovering your purpose we want to jump in right? That's cool and all but even with our most practiced foundation of affirmations we will have something try to hold us back from serving, because that is beyond what purpose is.

The thing with purpose is that sometimes when we fail in walking in it or when our faith shifts a bit we tend to feel defeated, but we have to realize we were created with great expectations. We were given the resources to tap into. Just because we have discovered who we are, and what God created us to do does not mean it is going to be without discrepancy. Sometimes our life is turned upside down so that everything can fall into place, and so greater and bigger doors can open. The many test we experience are character builders, that force us to level up. If you know what you are, a set back will not disengage your pursuit. This test may be exactly what you needed to push harder, reach more people, discover a more lucrative way to increase your earning potential. When dealing with adversity and purpose you won't miss out. What you were created for you will have as long as you step out on faith. Sure you might take one path that takes you in a loop but you will always end up on the right track bringing with you lessons learned and a sturdier foundation. If God didn't think you could carry out the plan, he would have assigned you to do something else. He knows you better than you know yourself, ma'am. Seek the good side of adversity, then carry on..

Here are 5 things you can do when feeling unmotivated in your pursuit to do what you love: 1. Self-talk, look in the mirror or write down words of affirmation. Let yourself know that purpose isn't always pretty and that you were created with strength. Ensure yourself that you have authority over every mountain that moves in your way. Secure the bag! 2. Pray. Some folks don't believe prayer works but baby let me tell you, God will come through with the quickness. A lot of time we ignore when our prayers are answered because the answer might have slick been too easy, but a lot of time prayer is answered in discernment. If you got a sudden feeling of understanding, or a burst of momentum. There you go, won't he do it! 3. Journal. Remind yourself why you love whatever it is you do, who it is you help, and are people waiting for you to deliver. If you have a purpose as mentioned before, its intended to serve someone. Therefore, someone whether they know it or not is waiting and requires you. 4. Re-discover who or what inspires you. Maybe you have a favorite influencer that you follow, revisit their platforms and push through. 5. Last, get yourself an accountability partner. Someone who will hold you accountable for goals affiliated with purpose. Someone who will help push you over the hump during the ugly but beautiful moments you don't quite understand, If you don't have a buddy, hit my line. I will help you through.

Purpose isn't always pretty but the harvest is..

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