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6 Ways to Promote a Positive Mindset in Your Life

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Staying positive is hard right, but there are ways to start teaching yourself how to be positive and not question your ability to do so. It is definitely a state of mind. We have to want to be positive. Sure we make up every excuse on why we should dwell on things that are not pleasing, but the truth is nothing will ever be perfect, according to your time, or exactly how you want it. When you teach your self how to see positivity in each situation, you access the ability to be constant in moving forward and develop a sense of peace. Here are several things I did to start my journey to a positive mind.

1. Pray !

Praying affords you discernment and the understanding that you are not alone. There is nothing negative about God. Your fervent prayers will dismiss the rule of negative thoughts that attack your mind.

2. Affirmations (Speak Over Yourself)

There is power in your tongue. Create messages to yourself, videos, or speeches that memorize and recite in the mirror. Mine is "Today is your day! You will be amazing, You will do amazing things, and You will help others be amazing. Nothing can come against you. Everything you want is yours". Say that every morning or something else that drives your spirit up.

3.Visualize it (Make notes to motivate yourself)

I've always been a writer and literally had journal for everything, but I started watching Being Mary Jane and saw the benefits of seeing positive affirmations in front of me each day. Posting notes around your desk and home will keep your mind from venturing off.

4. Be Accountable for Encouraging Positivity to Others

Listen, there was a time when I would post encouraging messages and not even believe in them for myself. However, I knew it was my duty to serve others anyway I could. People know though when you're faking it. I said to mother one day "I just want to live the way I post' and she told me "You have to believe baby in what you say to others." I knew then that I had to take some time to pour into myself and then get back to work. Ministering to others is ministering to yourself. Remember that!

5. Remove Toxic People from Your Life

This is simple. Drop people who are not conducive to your spiritual, mental, physical and financial growth. If you keep attracting toxic people check your self "Your vibe attacks your tribe".

6. Stop Doing Things You Hate (that job, relationship, bad habit, YUP!)

Lastly, eliminating complacency will be a proven method to cultivating positivity in your life. Sometimes you need to remove yourself out of situations that contribute to negative vibes and are most challenging.

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