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Creative In His Image assists a diverse clientele with finding their voice. We consult with clients to align their brands with the most impactful digital experience.. We conduct overall analysis and bridge the gaps in business where we see a need for improvement, and opportunities to leverage and optimize presence, and messaging. Our goal is to ensure  brands tell a story, have quality visual representation, cohesion, and connects with it's appropriate audience to make the greatest impact.

We believe we are atmosphere shifters, and vibe creators.


We help clients make decisions about their business that brings their business to life. We help develop out ideas by conceptualizing the overall goal and help our clients with execution. We wear many hats in this role and find sometimes we have to be a business best friend, coach, designer, strategist, analyst, and project manager.


It is one of our goals to ensure our clients are self-sufficient. While we understand the importance of the art of delegation, we want our clients to not feel restricted by barriers that inhabit them from being able to manage less complex elements of their brand. We are coaches, we are teachers. We coach clients through idea structuring and teach clients how to manage their brand experience and identity. We do this through one on one sessions or through client hosted workshops.


We don't stop at consulting and coaching. We also ensure our clients have the assets that coincide with the objectives of their projects. We create graphics for social media, websites, videos, flyers, booklets, and more.


We focus on cultivating a space that ignites a response. We love creating an atmosphere and an overall experience for our clients that allows their audience to feel engaged, and inspired. We are able to achieve these goals by creating long and short form videos, developing social media, and managing and coordinating events.

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