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Hey I'm Liv!

Creative Director & Brand Experience Expert


Hey I’m Liv! The Owner, Creative Director, and Brand Experience Expert of CIHI. I received my Masters in Marketing from Keller Graduate and hit the ground running as a freelance consultant while working in Corporate America at a high-level corporation. I found myself in full time entrepreneurship after a company lay-off. I did not quite expect to operate a business full-time. It was nothing I had ever seen before  nor did I have a circle of entrepreneurial support. When I asked God how I should move forward, He said use what is in your hand. The experience of being laid off quickly allowed me to access my strengths, gifts, and passion. I decided to remember the dreams that were hidden in the attendance of over 6 years of college and 12 years of corporate America. What I realized is that regardless of the positions that I held throughout my career, I always ended up operating in the same framework which was essentially as the person who could set trends, understand the needs of people both psychologically, and theoretically whether I understood the department, or overall culture or not. I simply understood environments, tone, and results for impact which allowed me to garner success throughout my career. I even took on the same tasks outside of work coordinating events that were focused on creating an experience, and providing ultimate customer service and curating attention grabbing ideas that bridged gaps in programming before entrepreneur was truly a part of my vocabulary.  Its a blessing authentically be in my lane and organically do what I have always loved and so effortlessly been able to do.

So if you're ready, let's create a brand experience together that will make a lasting impact for you and your audience.

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